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A Letter from the President...

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation's mission of raising awareness about testicular cancer through outreach to colleges, university and high schools for early detection, treatment and cure is reflected in nurse Jacobson's thank you above. By now you know that TC is up to 99% curable when diagnosed in its earliest stages and that men 15-40 are particularly vulnerable to this curable cancer.

Here are some other ways that we engaged people in 2017 to raise awareness about TC:

The "RUNNING OF THE BALLS" is growing and reaching thousands in New York and D.C.

  • SKTCF branched out to D.C., home of Georgetown University, Sean's Alma Mater. On September 9, 2017 we held the First Annual D.C./Georgetown Running of the Balls, with 100 runners organized by the D.C. Running Club, contact with many universities in the DC area and fantastic promotions and testicular cancer public service announcements from our Presenting Sponsors, Tribune Media TV station DC50 and popular radio station DC101.
  • Over 900 runners were registered for the 5th Annual NY "RUNNING OF THE BALLS" on June 18th, produced by NYCRuns. With NY's own Tribune Media station PIX11 as the Presenting Sponsor and extensive social media outreach, this event reached the very demographic that we need to educate.
  • We are grateful to Presenting Sponsors PIX11, DC50, DC101 and all of our sponsors including: The Mets, O-v-e-r-t-o-n-e Studios, Bencivenga and Associates, Street-Works Studio, Kimerling & Wisdom, LLC, Len and Kathy Gallo, Wolaco Athletic Wear, AmerisourceBergen, the Kimerling Family, AJF Financial Services, Fromonda and Wristband Creation.
  • SKTCF raised over $50,000 from these races for our work in the coming year.

EDUCATION through speaking in schools and contacting high schools, colleges and universities, distributing Check'Em Shower Cards to over 75 institutions and their health centers.

SKTCF is focusing on building relationships with high school and college health centers with the goal of distributing 7500 Check'Em Shower Cards by the end of 2018. With your help, we provide these free to these institutions.

TYLER AUSTIN, a promising young NY Yankee and TC Survivor, has joined forces with SKTCF to be a spokesperson for the important message about awareness and early detection of TC. Watch for his cleats with SKTCF logo to be auctioned off soon!

CONTINUED TO BUILD OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN, our website about balls, crafted to attract those young men most at risk, which reaches over a quarter of a million people each year with an irreverent awareness message that engages our target demographic and refers them back to our website for more info on TC.

Natalie Shivdat, social media coordinator,and Jeff Oppenheim, social media advisor, continued to build our Facebook and Twitter presence while focusing on growing SKTCF YouTube Channel to over 2000 subscribers with almost 4 million combined views of our videos.

Many thanks to our Board, the Run Committee, all of our sponsors, Rosemary Shameer and each and every one of you for your generous support. Whether you are old friends or new, each of you gives us hope that we can continue to work together towards a time when no man need die of testicular cancer.

YOUR PART: As we look forward to 2018, with increased outreach and visibility for the TC Awareness message, we welcome your ideas for expanding our program in the new year.

We ask you once again to dig deep and contribute generously so that together we continue to work towards a time when young men routinely check their testicles. Your commitment and generous donations enable us to spread the word - Check 'em if You Got 'em! - for Awareness IS the Cure.

We remain grateful to you for partnering with us in this important cause.

Noah Kimerling
President & CEO

 Ervine & Noah Kimerling

Ervine & Noah Kimerling


To make a donation, Click Here. Ask your employer about a matching gifts program and you double the impact of your gift. 

All contributions are fully tax deductible. Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. 

Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



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President and CEO
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President and CEO

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