On October 13 I celebrated my ten year anniversary of remission from testicular cancer. I first went in to get checked because my co-worker, behind me in a cubicle, was talking about Sean Kimerling and what had happened to him. I went and got checked the next day. It turned out I had stage 3 non-seminoma, and three surgeries and a few months of chemotherapy later, I would live to tell about it. So, before there was even a foundation, Sean's story saved my life. I owe him ten years of growth, of love, of family and friends, of travel and experiences and of being alive: I'm grateful. Much love, and please keep doing what you are doing.
- Eddie Scannell

"As a man who has gone through the disease, and perhaps more importantly, as the father of a young boy who, before I know it, will enter the target zone for the disease, I think this Foundation is a worthy one to support. I am hoping that you will agree and will donate an amount of your choosing, whether large or small, to this effort."
- Brian Kemper

"Testicular cancer does not discriminate. While it’s the most common cancer in men age 15-35 and impacts some groups more than others, it hits men of all ages, races and colors. All men need to be aware and do monthly self exams. Those going through testicular cancer need support. I have always wanted to run the NYC Marathon. I have been training for three years, and I’m thrilled to represent the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation, and run to raise awareness of testicular cancer. I’m living proof that there is life after this disease!"
- John Prieto

"I'm happy to represent the Foundation and raise awareness of TC at the Tough Mudder. I really enjoy the challenges that these events offer, perhaps because of the challenges I had faced several years ago. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2002. I was once again diagnosed with it in 2007. Through early detection, great doctors, and perseverance I am happy to say that I am now healthy and cancer-free."
- Steven Santamorena

"My message to men out there: Check Yourself! Do not be negligent, or stubborn, or embarrassed. If you feel something strange or different, then get to a doctor and get yourself checked. For those of you currently going through a diagnosis, don’t go through it alone! Let your network of friends and loved ones help you through this challenge. I hope my story can help to raise awareness of the most common cancer in young men. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. But you can also survive, and thrive. Life goes on. Life is good!"
- Brian Harrington

“I’m happy to support such a great cause."
- Kevin Spark

“We were delighted to have the Sean Kimerling Foundation attend our event. They are a bold male cancer charity, and they’ve inspired us.”
- Patrick Cox

“I am extremely excited to be working hand-in-hand with the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation. It means everything to be to be able to get the word out to as many young men as possible, and save lives from this dreaded disease. I want to leave no man behind.”
- Tyler Austin

“We are thankful and fortunate that you have a vision to help make people aware of this cancer and work towards preventing it.”
- K. & J. C.

“Your letter is very hopeful about educating 20 – 40 year old men. What you are doing is crucial and everyone who knew Sean knows how proud he would be to know his wish is saving the lives of other young men.”
- J. V., FL

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