"The only reason I spoke publicly about my situation was because Sean Kimerling's story touched me so much.

- Dan Abrams

Remembering Sean...


Sean Kimerling was a 1988 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Georgetown University, two time Emmy award winning anchor of WPIX 11 sports and pre-game announcer for the NY Mets. 

At 37, Sean was on top of the world, excited about his career, close to a group of "good old friends," very much in love with his girlfriend and close to his family.  He loved nothing better than to have brunch with the family, watch a Mets game with his brother Josh or tease his sister Aimee.  He was crazy about his nieces Sophie and Abby and would do anything they asked.  

Sean was not only handsome, smart, charismatic and amazingly knowledgeable about sports, he was a caring and compassionate person.  He mentored many young broadcasters, was honored to do public service announcements for good causes and supported and enjoyed being with young people.  He was widely loved and respected.

Sean's world came crashing down in August of 2003. He had felt something in his testicle about a year and a half earlier, went to his general practitioner and was told it was nothing. More recently, he had been bothered by back pain, which he assumed was due to a sports injury, and a doctor he went to prescribed medication for a kidney infection.  Wrongly diagnosed for a long time, when the pain became unbearable, Sean was finally diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer. He died, just 1 month after being diagnosed on September 9, 2003. He was only 37.