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Stay Positive!


"Testicular cancer does not discriminate."

Todd Rosenbluth

After avoiding the Doctor at all costs, my wife finally convinced me that it was imperative that I have a physical….and thank God I did.  Following a whirlwind of appointments, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.  Because I got “them” checked, I caught the Cancer early enough that I am Cancer Free and going strong today.  I’m a part of The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer foundation because it shares the message that I feel strongest about…Awareness, Answers, Action.

If by reading this you can just get one of your friends, coworkers, enemies, family members, even a stranger - whomever to just go to that ever avoiding doctors appointment I will have done my job. The job to continue to raise awareness, the job to continue to seek answers and cures, and the most important job of them all...for YOU to take action - action for yourself or action for others.  Because like the foundation so truly preaches - TC is 99% curable if caught early enough” why even take that chance?  I didn't and I am writing this to you today because of that. So...just go - if not for yourself, than for me. 

 - Todd Rosenbluth

Brian Harrington is living proof that its about mind, body and spirit.

Brian Harrington is living proof that its about mind, body and spirit.

Leading the Way

"As a man who has gone through the disease, and perhaps more importantly, as the father of a young boy who, before I know it, will enter the target zone for the disease, I think this Foundation is a worthy one to support. I am hoping that you will agree and will donate an amount of your choosing, whether large or small, to this effort." 

- Brian Kemper

Yankee, Tyler Austin

Yankee, Tyler Austin

Cause to Celebrate

Thomas Cantley

My name is Thomas Cantley and over the past 2 years I have focused my efforts on pushing a giant inflatable testicle across 2 countries and over 8,000 miles to raise awareness for a growing disease in young men. Yes, you heard that right, a giant NUT. For those of you who don't know me, I am also known as Mr. Ballsy and am a 5 years out stage 3 Testicular Cancer survivor. My efforts in this amazing journey has made me recognized globally and quoted as one of the most outspoken voices in Testicular Cancer awareness in the world. I have gained hundreds of hours of media coverage for this worthy cause. But, being ballsy is more than just cancer, it's a lifestyle.

My story did not start with cancer. I had a rough past (starting from childhood and into adulthood) that lead me down the darkest of alleys. I was well known professionally and socially in the New York City scene which brought it's own troubles. Cancer woke me the f*** up and saved my life.

With everything I have faced in my life, I have managed to turn all of my negatives into a positive. And what I'm most proud of, is helping others by using my life as a tool to teach people what not to do. I now travel the world entertaining, educating, and inspiring. My goal is to bring out that inner ballsy in everyone in all walks of life and in all parts of the world.

Two thumbs up for Colin Ferro

Two thumbs up for Colin Ferro

Literally Grateful!

Brian Kemer

Fighting cancer can be a harrowing experience for anyone. In 1995, Brian Kemper discovered a lump on his right testicle during his first year of law school. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Kemper had surgery and went through four sessions of chemotherapy. Thanks to the early discovery of the tumor, his treatments and the help of his friends, he was able to survive and later went on to become an attorney in NYC.. Twenty years later, still free of cancer, Kemper self-published a novel based upon his experiences fighting cancer and his years as an associate attorney at a large New York City law firm. The book, Everything Can Change, is set in NYC in 2003 and tells the story of Jack Ritter, a twenty-eight year old attorney who discovers he has testicular cancer. “When I went through my cancer fight,” said Kemper, “there were two reasons I made my way through it: I found the tumor early and I had the support of my family and friends. I wrote the book in part to help spread awareness of testicular cancer and to thank my support system for what they did for me.”  The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format and ten percent of the proceeds from the sales of the book will go to the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation.


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Todd Rosenbluth owes life to wife.

Todd Rosenbluth owes life to wife.

Living Strong

Brain Harrington

I look forward to watching my daughter and son, Autumn Olivia and Grayson Cole grow and give them all that I can. I look forward to a healthy life. I look forward to helping others get through their difficult time. I love the opportunity that the Sean Kimerling Foundation has given by by allowing me to help spread awareness and be a positive influence in others lives. Life is good and hope is real. Positivity from my wife and support from the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation helped me to remain strong and hopeful…There is hope. There are positive outcomes and happiness ahead!

- Brian Harrington

Brian Kemper goes the distance.

Brian Kemper goes the distance.

Another Home Run

Tyler Austin

Tyler Austin, Yankee first baseman and testicular cancer survivor, is beginning to speak out about testicular cancer. In February of this year, this personable young man spoke to a crowd of almost 1000 people in Connecticut and was very well received. Tyler was diagnosed with TC at 17 years of age, had surgery to remove the tumor and is now in good health. He did not need chemotherapy because he found his tumor early and it did not spread to other parts of his body. Tyler knows first hand that with early detection Testicular Cancer is curable.

Tyler Austin, was selected by the NY Yankees in the 2010 MLB draft. He was a highly regarded prospect for bringing young talent to the Yankees. However, due to a number of injuries over the years, it was 2016 before he was brought to the majors. However, what a debut! On August 13, 2016 in his first at bat, Tyler hit a two run homer. Unfortunately, another injury sidelined him for 6 weeks this season. However, we look forward to Tyler Austin's return to Yankee Stadium in the 2017 season. And the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation is thrilled to have Tyler join us in the fight for Testicular Cancer Awareness - for early detection of TC is indeed the cure.

Thomas Cantley has plenty to celebrate!

Thomas Cantley has plenty to celebrate!

Brotherly Love

Colin Ferro

Once cancer comes into your family and you have to face it alongside a loved one, your perspective in life tends to change—at least I know it did for me when my brother, Michael, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. At the time of Michael’s diagnosis, we were both still in college at Regis University; he was a senior and I was a junior. I found myself at school just going through the motions; the faculty and my classmates were very supportive, but as time went on, I found my priorities changing. I was no longer worrying about what grade I got on that advertising project. Instead I was wondering, is Michael going to want to get outside today?

Michael and I have been best friends since I was born, but after his diagnosis and procedures were behind him, he started falling into an emotional hole and it became harder and harder to pull him out of it. All I kept thinking was, how can I help? Can I help at all? I couldn’t pay for appointments, surgeries, treatments, and medications; my parents were taking care of that financial burden. But I could help by trying to make Michael smile, if only for a moment a day, so that’s what I did. I started working more bartending and serving shifts at Red Robin so I could pay for Michael and me to go to a movie or sporting event, or sometimes just buy a six-pack of beer to enjoy at home while I did ridiculous things to get that brief smile.

Michael is doing well today, with a successful job and a positive outlook on where he is in life. Why do I share this story? Without having gone through these experiences with Michael, I would not be where I am today. 


We sometimes pick ours and sometimes they pick us

Issa Abuaita

It was on a Wednesday afternoon when I was informed with unfortunate news by one of Amman’s hospital that I have cancer. I stood still in the hospital, in front of many people and myself. I stared at the world, alone, revisiting the past and reevaluating my future. I watched the clear sky turn into gloomy clouds. I felt puzzled, tensed and anxious. Wallowed in self-pity, asking whoever’s responsible; why is this happening to me?

It began a month and half earlier when I noticed minor changes in the appearance of my left testicle. Back then, I didn’t give it much thought until I started doing sports when my condition gradually got worse.

I haven’t been through much agony, gratefully. But I can say that receiving such news alone at the hospital is the worst situation anyone could go through. For me at least, I thought it was worse that receiving news of a loved one’s death. Why? Because, this time, you might be receiving yours.

Fortunately, Testicular Cancer is highly curable precisely if it is caught at early stages which accordingly in my case. Sunday morning I had a Radical Orchiectomy and the surgery was a complete success. Of course I am obliged to eliminate all the bad habits and become healthy. Also, I must do regular checkups to ensure that my body is entirely clean.

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